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Knee wraps roller

This is the first knee wraps roller, made specifically for the powerlifting champion and squat record holder in Serbia, Milan Vučkovič. Unlike other toys that can be found on the market, it contains two industrial ball bearings with a hardened 15 mm diameter motor shaft. Instead of a cone-shaped tip, which splits and wears knee wraps fabric, the rolling of the knee wraps is provided by two very hard 7 mm diameter car engine valve lifters, rounded and polished at the top for easier fabric insertion.

When rolling wraps, there is literally no leeway in turning the shaft. The assembly is so oversized and rugged that it can be comfortably placed in a car winch.


The clamp itself is designed in a way that prevents the clamp from loosening in the event of rotation of the main rod, by the lower thrust plate of the clamp being fixed to the main rod by a slider. Furthermore, clamp part of the device is chemically blued rather than painted in order to ensure smooth sliding.

The bottom line is that this is the device that will be used for a long time. Tensile forces in the winding of such a stretchy but strong fabric are great and anyone who has serious knee wraps and squatting experience knows this. Also, the athlete's sports bag is full of sweat, which is an ideal atmosphere for rusting metal. It is necessary to ensure a smooth rotation of the shaft, and greased industrial bearings provide that.


The idea is that this device makes it easier to roll, from day to day, from week to week, from year to year, as long as a man is fighting for his records in squats. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure durability, ease of use and reliability in clamping the device for a stationary object, thus making a feeling of confidence during the rolling, while securing a safe use.


This device meets all the above expectations.

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